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BailliËre's Clinical Rheumatology

It has been recognized that the remarkable decline in infant mortality and the extension in human lifespan involving both developing and developed countries alike, has been influenced by social and economic developments and public health orientated measures (such as clean water and sewerage) rather more than by developments in medical research. However, the identification of important disease risk factors for a number of common conditions such as smoking, solar exposure, dietary fat and alcohol has led to further reductions in disease prevalence and mortality, at least in some countries.

Muirden, K. D.
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Aging Cell

Centenarians surpass the current human life expectancy with about 20-25 years. However, whether centenarians represent healthy aging still remains an open question. Previous studies have been hampered by a number of methodological shortcomings such as a cross-sectional design and lack of an appropriate control group. In a longitudinal population-based cohort, it was examined whether the centenarian phenotype may be a useful model for healthy aging.

Engberg, Henriette
Oksuzyan, Anna
Jeune, Bernard
Vaupel, James W.
Christensen, Kaare
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Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine

From antiquity to the 1920s, the frequency of asthma and especially death from asthma was considered to be rare. In fact, asthma was not considered a significant cause of death during the early years of the 20th century. The Frenchman Armand Trousseau declared in his Clinique Medicale that "asthma n'est pas fatale" ("asthma is not fatal"). In the United States, Oliver Wendell Holmes had described asthma as a "slight ailment that promotes longevity." Clearly this perception of asthma has changed for many reasons.

Meza, C.
Gershwin, M. E.
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Clinical Nutrition (Edinburgh, Scotland)

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for protein, as promulgated by the Food and Nutrition Board of the United States National Academy of Science, is 0.8 g protein/kg body weight/day for adults, regardless of age. This value represents the minimum amount of protein required to avoid progressive loss of lean body mass in most individuals. There is an evidence that the RDA for elderly may be greater than 0.8 g/kg/day. Evidence indicates that protein intake greater than the RDA can improve muscle mass, strength and function in elderly.

Wolfe, Robert R.
Miller, Sharon L.
Miller, Kevin B.
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Journal of Affective Disorders

Some patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) exhibit an unsatisfactory reduction in symptom severity despite being treated with all the available therapeutic alternatives. The clinical variables associated with treatment-refractoriness in OCD are inconsistently described in the literature. METHODS: To investigate factors associated with treatment-refractoriness of patients with OCD, we conducted a case-control study, comparing 23 patients with treatment-refractory OCD to 26 patients with treatment-responding OCD.

Ferr„o, Ygor A.
Shavitt, Roseli G.
Bedin, N·dia R.
de Mathis, Maria EugÍnia
Carlos Lopes, AntÙnio
Fontenelle, Leonardo F.
Torres, Albina R.
Miguel, EurÌpedes C.
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Revista Latino-Americana De Enfermagem

PURPOSES: to identify the prevalence of the use of psychiatric drugs among patients admitted to medical and surgical clinics of a general hospital, and also the factors related to the consumption of this type of medication. METHOD: this is a transversal, descriptive, correlational study with quantitative analysis. For the collection of data, there was use of structured interviews and also reference to medical files.

Shirama, Flavio Hiroshi
Miasso, Adriana Inocenti
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Archives of General Psychiatry

We collected data on the extent of violent behavior among 55 male and female hospitalized juvenile delinquents during a period of three years. Violent behavior was correlated with the adolescent self-image and the ratings of staff and psychotherapists. We found that violent adolescent boys have a healthier self-image and are more liked by their therapists than nonviolent adolescent boys. For the female adolescents, we found the opposite.

Offer, D.
Marohn, R. C.
Ostrov, E.
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Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. Supplementum

Out of a consideration of the relevance of interpersonal physical contact to mental health is developed the hypothesis that unsatisfactory physical contact experience predisposes to depression. This hypothesis is then systematically explored using self-ratings of depression and physical contact (and love) experience obtained on admission and at discharge from 254 unselected psychiatric in-patients.

Cochrane, N.
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The concept of erotomania is discussed and the literature surveyed. The aim of the study is to present a long-term personal follow-up evaluation of cases with erotomania-like symptoms. In a material of 1,802 consecutively admitted patients, 6 (0.3%) presented symptoms suggestive of erotomania. They have been personally followed up 2 or 3 times by the authors over a period of 22-35 years. Our sample was characterized by avoidant and/or paranoid premorbid personality traits with difficulties in establishing relationships, and life-long social isolation.

Retterst¯l, N.
Opjordsmoen, S.
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Psychological Reports

This paper describes how an erotic paranoid reaction, when linked to fantasies of benign conspiratorial persecution by the hospital and the milieu, might merge as the grandiose messiah-complex.

Goldwert, M.


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