Polymerase Chain Reaction

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Experimental Cell Research

Cellular senescence is a state of irreversible cell cycle arrest in which normal cells at the end of their lifespan fail to enter into DNA synthesis upon serum or growth factor stimulation. We examined whether proteins required for G1/S cell cycle progression were irreversibly down-regulated in senescent human fibroblasts. Both the 44- and 42-kDa forms of the MAP-kinase protein were expressed at similar levels in young and senescent cells.

Afshari, C. A.
Vojta, P. J.
Annab, L. A.
Futreal, P. A.
Willard, T. B.
Barrett, J. C.
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Normal human breast epithelial cells were transfected with expression vectors containing the p53 gene mutated at either codon 143, 175, 248 or 273, or by infection with a recombinant retroviral vector containing the p53 gene mutated at codons 143, 175, 248, or 273. The breast epithelial cells were monitored for extension of in vitro lifespan and immortalization. Expression of some, but not all, p53 mutants resulted in an extension of in vitro lifespan.

Gollahon, L. S.
Shay, J. W.
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Many degenerative diseases that occur with aging, as well as premature aging syndromes, are characterized by presenting cells with critically short telomeres. Telomerase reintroduction is envisioned as a putative therapy for diseases characterized by telomere exhaustion. K5-mTert transgenic mice overexpress telomerase in a wide spectrum of tissues. These mice have a higher incidence of both induced and spontaneous tumors, resulting in increased mortality during the first year of life.

Gonz·lez-Su·rez, Eva
Geserick, Christoph
Flores, Juana M.
Blasco, Maria A.
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Molecular Therapy: The Journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy

Methylmalonic acidemia (MMA) is an organic acidemia caused by deficient activity of the mitochondrial enzyme methylmalonyl-CoA mutase (MUT). This disorder is associated with lethal metabolic instability and carries a poor prognosis for long-term survival. A murine model of MMA that replicates a severe clinical phenotype was used to examine the efficacy of recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) serotype 8 gene therapy as a treatment for MMA.

Chandler, Randy J.
Venditti, Charles P.
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The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry: Official Journal of the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry

OBJECTIVE: A systematic genome survey was initiated to identify loci that affect the likelihood of reaching age 90 with preserved cognition. This communication describes the clinical characterization and comparison of the experimental groups, validation of the experimental method, and results for the Y chromosome. METHODS: The genome survey was conducted at 10 cM resolution for simple sequence tandem repeat polymorphisms (SSTRPs) that identify genes for successful aging by virtue of linkage disequilibrium.

Zubenko, George S.
Stiffler, J. Scott
Hughes, Hugh B.
Fatigati, Mario J.
Zubenko, Wendy N.
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Age (Dordrecht, Netherlands)

The pathways that regulate energy homeostasis, the mechanisms of damage repair, and the signaling response to internal environmental changes or external signals have been shown to be critical in modulating lifespan of model organisms and humans. In order to investigate whether genetic variation of genes involved in these pathways contribute to longevity, a two-stage case-control study in two independent sets of long-lived individuals from Calabria (Italy) was performed. In stage 1, 317 SNPs in 104 genes were analyzed in 78 cases (median age 98 years) and 71 controls (median age 67 years).

Di Cianni, Fausta
Campa, Daniele
Tallaro, Federica
Rizzato, Cosmeri
de Rango, Francesco
Barale, Roberto
Passarino, Giuseppe
Canzian, Federico
Gemignani, Federica
Montesanto, Alberto
Landi, Stefano
Rose, Giuseppina
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Interdisciplinary study of telomere length, polymorphism of genes of renin-angiotensin (ACE) and serotonin (5HTR2A and 5HTTPR) systems in population of aged and old inhabitants of the North-West of Russia was conducted, in their relations to data from clinical and geriatric anamnesis, and psychological functioning. Regular link between telomere length and respondent's age was demonstrated in subgroups of old respondents and long-livers, by method of factor analysis.

Smirnova, T. Iu
Runov, A. L.
Vonski?, M. S.
Spivak, D. L.
Zakharchuk, A. G.
Mikhel'son, V. M.
Spivak, I. M.
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Brain, Behavior, and Immunity

Relatively short telomere length may serve as a marker of accelerated aging, and shorter telomeres have been linked to chronic stress. Specific lifestyle behaviors that can mitigate the effects of stress might be associated with longer telomere lengths. Previous research suggests a link between behaviors that focus on the well-being of others, such as volunteering and caregiving, and overall health and longevity.

Hoge, Elizabeth A.
Chen, Maxine M.
Orr, Esther
Metcalf, Christina A.
Fischer, Laura E.
Pollack, Mark H.
De Vivo, Immaculata
Simon, Naomi M.
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Fish & Shellfish Immunology

Five feeding trials based on the isonitrogenous and isoenergetic experimental diets containing 34% protein, 6%, 8%, 10%, 12% or 14% lipid respectively in the circulating water culture system for both 30 and 60 days were conducted to investigate the effect of the dietary lipid level on the growth and immunity in white shirmp, Litopenaeus vannamei adults. The body weight and specific growth rate of white shrimp in different treatments indicated that shrimps fed the diet of 12% lipid level for 30d and 10% lipid level for 60d had the best developmental status.

Zhang, Sheng-peng
Li, Jin-feng
Wu, Xiao-chun
Zhong, Wei-jing
Xian, Jian-an
Liao, Shao-an
Miao, Yu-tao
Wang, An-li
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Biological Research for Nursing

Recent studies suggest that chronic psychological stress may accelerate aging at the cellular level. Telomeres are protective components that stabilize the ends of chromosomes and modulate cellular aging. Women exposed to intimate partner violence (IPV) experience chronic stress and report worse health. The purpose of this exploratory study was to examine telomeric DNA length in women who have experienced chronic stress related to IPV. We hypothesized that IPV exposure would be associated with shorter telomere length.

Humphreys, Janice
Epel, Elissa S.
Cooper, Bruce A.
Lin, Jue
Blackburn, Elizabeth H.
Lee, Kathryn A.


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