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Mental Health Today (Brighton, England)
Bogg, Daisy
Staddon, Patsy
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American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research (Online)

Consistent with results of previous needs assessments for urban American Indian and Alaska Native populations, a needs assessment in the Portland,Oregon metropolitan area for the Native American Rehabilitation Association Northwest revealed high levels of co-occurring conditions for American Indian and Alaska Native clients, often combining chronic health problems, substance abuse histories, and mental health diagnoses. Focus group results suggest the need for crisis care as well as specific needs of children and families, veterans, elders, and adults.

Crofoot, Thomas L.
Harris, Naomi
Plumb, Mary Anne
Smith, Keri Slingerland
Gault, Jaime
Brooks, Gloria
Hungry, Lisa
Geary, Artice
Holland, Irene
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Der Nervenarzt
Mann, K. F.
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Drug and Alcohol Review
Bell, James
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Addiction (Abingdon, England)

AIMS: This study investigates the relationship between frequency of attendance at Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous (NA/AA) meetings and substance use outcomes after residential treatment of drug dependence. It was predicted that post-treatment NA/AA attendance would be related to improved substance use outcomes. METHODS: Using a longitudinal, prospective cohort design, interviews were conducted with drug-dependent clients (n = 142) at intake to residential treatment, and at 1 year, 2 years and 4-5 years follow-up. Data were collected by structured interviews.

Gossop, Michael
Stewart, Duncan
Marsden, John
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Die Rehabilitation

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study is to investigate the influence of substance abuse and addiction as comorbid disorders on the treatment results of patients of a psychosomatic unit one year after their release. METHODS: In a prospective, non-randomized field study patients were asked by mail one year after finishing their treatment as part of a quality management endeavour.

Wiehn, T.
Domma, J.
Vollmer, H. C.
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The American Journal on Addictions / American Academy of Psychiatrists in Alcoholism and Addictions

A large proportion of patients treated for substance dependencies have attempted suicide. Scarce empirical evidence exists regarding their prognosis. Data from the Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Survey were analyzed to determine the course of depression and substance dependence of 416 suicide attempters one year after discharge. The likelihood of recovery from drug dependence did not differ between patients who did or did not attempt suicide.

Agosti, Vito
Levin, Frances R.
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The American University Law Review
Gallas, Emily M.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Studies on Alcohol

Inpatient alcoholics (N = 54 men), nonhospitalized members of an Alcoholics Anonymous group (N = 15 men) and nonalcoholic inpatients (N = 10 men) were shown a 55-min film on alcoholism and were subsequently given memory tests for recall and recognition of information from the film. The performance of the inpatient alcoholics was impaired relative to that of the controls. Alcoholics who were tested earlier in treatment performed worse than those tested 3 or more weeks after their last drink.

Becker, J. T.
Jaffe, J. H.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Clinical Psychology

Spirituality is presumed by millions of Americans to be directly relevant to problems of alcohol abuse. We summarize findings regarding the role of religion and spirituality in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse and present a case illustration. We also consider mechanisms responsible for these effects. We offer advice about why, by whom, and how religion and spirituality should be discussed with clients with substance use disorders.

Delaney, Harold D.
Forcehimes, Alyssa A.
Campbell, William P.
Smith, Bruce W.


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