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Stroke; a Journal of Cerebral Circulation

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: On MRI, cerebral white matter lesions, lacunar infarcts, and cerebral microbleeds are common imaging correlates of cerebral small vessel damage in apparently healthy elderly individuals. We investigated whether middle-aged to elderly offspring of nonagenarian siblings, who are predisposed to become long-lived as well, have a lower prevalence of white matter lesions, lacunar infarcts, and cerebral microbleeds than control subjects. METHODS: All subjects were from the Leiden Longevity Study.

Altmann-Schneider, Irmhild
van der Grond, Jeroen
Slagboom, P. Eline
Westendorp, Rudi G. J.
Maier, Andrea B.
van Buchem, Mark A.
de Craen, Anton J. M.
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Lipids in Health and Disease

BACKGROUND: The -493G/T polymorphism in the microsomal triglyceride transfer protein (MTP) gene is associated with lower serum low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and triglyceride (TG) levels and longevity in several populations, but the results are inconsistent in different racial/ethnic groups. The current study was to investigate the plausible association of MTP -493G/T polymorphism with serum lipid levels and longevity in Zhuang long-lived families residing in Bama area, a famous home of longevity in Guangxi, China.

Pan, Shang-Ling
Luo, Xiao-Qiu
Lu, Ze-Ping
Lu, Shao-Hua
Luo, Huan
Liu, Cheng-Wu
Hu, Cai-You
Yang, Ming
Du, Li-Li
Song, Zhen
Pang, Guo-Fang
Wu, Hua-Yu
Huang, Jin-Bo
Peng, Jun-hua
Yin, Rui-Xing
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Single nucleotide polymorphisms of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) such as rs1799752, nuclear factor kappa B (NFkB) such as rs28362491 and cholesteryl ester transport protein (CETP) such as rs708272 (TaqB1) and rs5882 (I405V) were evaluated in nonagenarians, centenarians, and average life span individuals (controls). The study population (n = 307; 190 nonagenarians, 12 centenarians and 105 middle-aged controls) was genotyped for ACE, NFkB, and CETP genetic variants.

Kolovou, Genovefa
Kolovou, Vana
Vasiliadis, Ioannis
Giannakopoulou, Vasiliki
Mihas, Constantinos
Bilianou, Helen
Kollia, Aikaterini
Papadopoulou, Evaggelia
Marvaki, Apostolia
Goumas, Georgos
Kalogeropoulos, Petros
Limperi, Sotiria
Katsiki, Niki
Mavrogeni, Sophie
Publication Title: 
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part B, Applied Biomaterials

Highly cross-linked formulations of ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene (XLPE) offer exceptional wear resistance for total joint arthroplasty but are offset with a reduction in postyield and fatigue fracture properties in comparison to conventional ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). Oxidation resistance is also an important property for the longevity of total joint replacements (TJRs) as formulations of UHMWPE or XLPE utilizing radiation methods are susceptible to free radical generation and subsequent embrittlement.

Pruitt, Lisa A.
Ansari, Farzana
Kury, Matt
Mehdizah, Amir
Patten, Elias W.
Huddlestein, James
Mickelson, Dayne
Chang, Jennifer
Hubert, Kim
Ries, Michael D.
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PloS One

The aging phenotype in humans has been thoroughly studied but a detailed metabolic profiling capable of shading light on the underpinning biological processes of longevity is still missing. Here using a combined metabonomics approach compromising holistic (1)H-NMR profiling and targeted MS approaches, we report for the first time the metabolic phenotype of longevity in a well characterized human aging cohort compromising mostly female centenarians, elderly, and young individuals.

Collino, Sebastiano
Montoliu, Ivan
Martin, FranÁois-Pierre J.
Scherer, Max
Mari, Daniela
Salvioli, Stefano
Bucci, Laura
Ostan, Rita
Monti, Daniela
Biagi, Elena
Brigidi, Patrizia
Franceschi, Claudio
Rezzi, Serge
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Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental

OBJECTIVE: Glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) is a stable index of chronic glycemic status and hyperglycemia associated with progressive development of insulin resistance and frank diabetes. It is also associated with premature aging and increased mortality. To uncover novel loci for HbA1c that are associated with healthy aging, we conducted a genome-wide association study (GWAS) using non-diabetic participants in the Long Life Family Study (LLFS), a study with familial clustering of exceptional longevity in the US and Denmark.

An, Ping
Miljkovic, Iva
Thyagarajan, Bharat
Kraja, Aldi T.
Daw, E. Warwick
Pankow, James S.
Selvin, Elizabeth
Kao, W. H. Linda
Maruthur, Nisa M.
Nalls, Micahel A.
Liu, Yongmei
Harris, Tamara B.
Lee, Joseph H.
Borecki, Ingrid B.
Christensen, Kaare
Eckfeldt, John H.
Mayeux, Richard
Perls, Thomas T.
Newman, Anne B.
Province, Michael A.
Publication Title: 
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

OBJECTIVES: To assess the associations among age, health status, and resting metabolic rate (RMR) in a large population of older adults. DESIGN: Cross-sectional analysis. SETTING: Community-dwelling volunteers from the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA). PARTICIPANTS: Persons aged 40 to 96 (mean 68.2 ± 11.0) who underwent a comprehensive physical examination, cognitive assessment, RMR testing, body composition assessment, and physical function testing during a 3-day clinic visit (N = 420).

Schrack, Jennifer A.
Knuth, Nicolas D.
Simonsick, Eleanor M.
Ferrucci, Luigi
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Arthritis Research & Therapy

INTRODUCTION: B-cell depletion has become a common treatment strategy in anti-TNF-refractory rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Although the exact mechanism of how B-cell depletion leads to clinical amelioration in RA remains to be elucidated, repetitive treatment with B-cell-depleting agents leading to long-term B-cell depletion has been reported to be beneficial. The latter has led to the hypothesis that the beneficial effects of B-cell depletion might act through their influence on pathogenic autoreactive plasma cells.

Teng, Y. K. Onno
Wheater, Gillian
Hogan, Vanessa E.
Stocks, Philip
Levarht, E. W. Nivine
Huizinga, Tom W. J.
Toes, Rene E. M.
van Laar, Jacob M.
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Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Attempts to correlate measures of intellectual ability with localized anatomical imaging features of the brain have yielded variable findings distributed across frontal, parietal, and temporal lobes. To better define the gray and white matter correlates of intellectual ability and the effects of sex and age, we analyzed the brains of 105 healthy individuals, ages 7-57 years, who had a Full Scale Intelligence Quotient (FSIQ) of 70 or higher. We examined associations of FSIQ with cortical thickness and with white matter volume throughout the cerebrum.

Goh, Suzanne
Bansal, Ravi
Xu, Dongrong
Hao, Xuejun
Liu, Jun
Peterson, Bradley S.
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PLoS biology

An increasing number of genes required for mitochondrial biogenesis, dynamics, or function have been found to be mutated in metabolic disorders and neurological diseases such as Leigh Syndrome. In a forward genetic screen to identify genes required for neuronal function and survival in Drosophila photoreceptor neurons, we have identified mutations in the mitochondrial methionyl-tRNA synthetase, Aats-met, the homologue of human MARS2. The fly mutants exhibit age-dependent degeneration of photoreceptors, shortened lifespan, and reduced cell proliferation in epithelial tissues.

Bayat, Vafa
Thiffault, Isabelle
Jaiswal, Manish
TÈtreault, Martine
Donti, Taraka
Sasarman, Florin
Bernard, GeneviËve
Demers-Lamarche, Julie
Dicaire, Marie-JosÈe
Mathieu, Jean
Vanasse, Michel
Bouchard, Jean-Pierre
Rioux, Marie-France
Lourenco, Charles M.
Li, Zhihong
Haueter, Claire
Shoubridge, Eric A.
Graham, Brett H.
Brais, Bernard
Bellen, Hugo J.


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