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Emotion (Washington, D.C.)

We are all faced with ambiguous situations daily that we must interpret to make sense of the world. In such situations, do you wear rose-colored glasses and fill in blanks with positives, or do you wear dark glasses and fill in blanks with negatives? In the current study, we presented 32 older and 32 younger adults with a series of ambiguous scenarios and had them continue the stories. Older adults continued the scenarios with less negativity than younger adults, as measured by negative and positive emotion word use and by the coded overall emotional valence of each interpretation.

Mikels, Joseph A.
Shuster, Michael M.
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International Journal of Mental Health Nursing

Using Heidegger's hermeneutic phenomenology informed by van Manen's and Benner's work, this research is an exploration and interpretation of the lived experiences of family members since they lost a close family member to suicidal death. Data from in-depth interviews with six participants, the researcher's journal entries and published literature were analysed. Findings gave rise to a grief model where suicide survivors moved through four modes of being-in-the-world characterized by 13 lifeworlds or themes.

Fielden, Jann M.
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Research in Nursing & Health

The purpose of this analysis was to examine whether nurses' listening behavior, especially the coordination of their nonverbal involvement activities with those of their patients, communicates information about patient-nurse relationships. Participants were 126 college women who responded to a 30-item instrument measuring relational information that was communicated to them by nurses' behavior in videotaped segments of interactions between a patient/actress and 12 nurses. Participants' responses to two consecutive interaction segments were selected for this analysis.

Gilbert, Dorothy Ann
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Journal of Personality Disorders

Longitudinal data were used to investigate the association of adolescent personality disorders with conflict between romantic partners during the transition to adulthood (i.e., age 17 to 27). Findings indicated that adolescent personality disorders (PDs) assessed at mean age 16 were associated with subsequent elevated partner conflict. Cluster B PD was associated with sustained elevations in partner conflict throughout the transition to adulthood. Cluster A and C PDs were associated with elevated partner conflict before age 23.

Chen, Henian
Cohen, Patricia
Johnson, Jeffrey G.
Kasen, Stephanie
Sneed, Joel R.
Crawford, Thomas N.
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Clinical Nursing Research

A chronic disorder affects all members of the family in various ways. The aim of this study is to elucidate the next of kin's (N= 36) experiences when an adult family member has muscular dystrophy. The relationships were partner (36%, n= 14), parent (18%, n= 7), child (21%, n= 8), sibling (15%, n= 6), and other relative (3%, n= 1). Latent content analysis is employed and involves an interpretation of the interviewtext.

Bostrˆm, Katrin
Ahlstrˆm, Gerd
Sunvisson, Helena
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Pediatric Nursing

Because of advances in medical technology, many critically burned children now survive horrendous injures that they would not have survived less than 10 years ago. Pediatric burn intensive care unit (BICU) nurses provide around the clock care, giving them greater contact with the children than any other health care professional. Often the children are alone in the hospital because their parents or care providers were injured or killed in the accident, live in another country, or are at home caring for other family members.

Zengerle-Levy, Karla
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Health Care for Women International

The purpose of this research was to investigate the coming-out process for women at midlife, and to understand how this process of coming-out affects women's health and health care relationships. Using feminist grounded theory, from the interview data we elicited an understanding of how women experienced the coming-out process, how the process influenced their health and health care, what they considered problematic about the process, and how they managed or resolved problematic issues.

Rickards, Tracey
Wuest, Judith
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Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse

This paper explores the social contexts of reproductive decision making among poor African-American women in inner-city distressed households by focusing on women's narratives of their reproductive and maternal experiences. We explore the hidden agendas and motivations that underpin women's reproductive decisions and perceived choices within the turmoil of poverty, domestic instability, economic uncertainty, and addiction.

Dunlap, Eloise
St¸rzenhofecker, Gabriele
Johnson, Bruce
Publication Title: 
Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin

The authors hypothesized that teasing, a social interaction that benefits relational bonds at the expense of the self, should be viewed as more affiliative, and experienced as more pleasurable, by members of cultures that deemphasize positive self-differentiation. In four multimethod studies, Asian Americans attributed more affiliative intent to teasers and reported more positive target experience than did European Americans. Teaser behavior, attribution biases, and personality did not account for culture-related differences in teasing experience.

Campos, Belinda
Keltner, Dacher
Beck, Jennifer M.
Gonzaga, Gian C.
John, Oliver P.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Lesbian Studies

Oral history has long been an important resource for lesbian and other underprivileged groups in advancing identity politics. While there is an increased awareness of social construction of identity and the impact of race and class on the experiences of sexual identities, oral historians have yet to rethink their task in view of poststructuralists' and queer theorists' critique of identity. This paper examines the "Oral History Project of Hong Kong Women Who Love Women" as an attempt to construct histories that respect difference and minimize normalization.

Wong, Day


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