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PloS One

Regional cortical thickness alterations have been reported in many chronic inflammatory and painful conditions, including inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), even though the mechanisms underlying such neuroplastic changes remain poorly understood. In order to better understand the mechanisms contributing to grey matter changes, the current study sought to identify the differences in regional alterations in cortical thickness between healthy controls and two chronic visceral pain syndromes, with and without chronic gut inflammation.

Hong, Jui-Yang
Labus, Jennifer S.
Jiang, Zhiguo
Ashe-Mcnalley, Cody
Dinov, Ivo
Gupta, Arpana
Shi, Yonggang
Stains, Jean
Heendeniya, Nuwanthi
Smith, Suzanne R.
Tillisch, Kirsten
Mayer, Emeran A.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry

The marijuana plant (Cannabis sativa) and preparations derived from it have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It is likely that the therapeutic benefits of smoked marijuana are due to some combination of its more than 60 cannabinoids and 200-250 non-cannabinoid constituents. Several marijuana constituents, the carboxylic acid metabolites of tetrahydrocannabinol, and synthetic analogs are free of cannabimimetic central nervous system activity, do not produce behavioral changes in humans, and are effective antiinflammatory and analgesic agents.

Zurier, Robert B.
Publication Title: 
Contraception, Fertilité, Sexualité
Bonierbale, M.
Publication Title: 
American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias

Tactile massage is a soft massage that improves physical relaxation and psychological well-being. The purpose of this study was to clarify the effects of a 6-week tactile massage on changes in physical and mental function, symptoms of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) among elderly patients with dementia. In addition, chromogranin A (CgA) levels as an index of stress examined the effects of tactile massage intervention.

Suzuki, Mizue
Tatsumi, Asami
Otsuka, Toshiko
Kikuchi, Keiko
Mizuta, Akiko
Makino, Kimiko
Kimoto, Akie
Fujiwara, Kiyoe
Abe, Toshihiko
Nakagomi, Toshihiro
Hayashi, Tatsuya
Saruhara, Takayuki
Publication Title: 
Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine = Chung I Tsa Chih Ying Wen Pan / Sponsored by All-China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To assess the impact of massage versus ear acupuncture on behavior and participation in occupational therapy of dementia patients. METHODS: We performed a controlled, randomized longitudinal trial approved by the Bioethics Commission of the University of Extremadura. One hundred twenty elderly subjects with dementia institutionalized in residential homes in Extremadura (Spain) received treatment based on massage and ear acupuncture over three months.

Rodríguez-Mansilla, Juan
González-López-Arza, María Victoria
Varela-Donoso, Enrique
Montanero-Fernández, Jesús
Jiménez-Palomares, María
Garrido-Ardila, Elisa Maria
Publication Title: 
Nutrición Hospitalaria

A large number of recreational and elite athletes use nutritional supplements in hopes of improving performance. These aids can be costly and potentially harmful, and the advertised ergogenic gains are often based on little or no scientific evidence. Due to the lack of regulation of the dietary supplement industry, an abundance of supplement products of dubious value, content, and quality are now available around the world. Many supplement products contain substances that are prohibited in sport or that have been associated with significant morbidity and mortality.

Molinero, O.
Márquez, S.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

OBJECTIVE: This study describes the prevalence and correlates of perceptions of Canadian doctors of chiropractic regarding the adequacy of their undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) educational preparation to counsel patients about immunization/vaccination and explores their preferences for continuing education (CE) in this area. METHODS: A cross-sectional population-based postal survey of Alberta chiropractors was conducted in the summer of 2002. RESULTS: The response rate was 78.2%.

Injeyan, H. Stephen
Russell, Margaret L.
Verhoef, Marja J.
Mutasingwa, Donatus
Publication Title: 

STUDY DESIGN: Randomized controlled trial. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of a printed information package on the low back pain (LBP)-related beliefs and reported behavior of musculoskeletal practitioners (chiropractors, osteopaths, and musculoskeletal physiotherapists) across the United Kingdom. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: A substantial proportion of musculoskeletal practitioners in United Kingdom does not follow current LBP guideline recommendations. METHODS: In total, 1758 practitioners were randomly allocated to either of the 2 study arms.

Evans, David W.
Breen, Alan C.
Pincus, Tamar
Sim, Julius
Underwood, Martin
Vogel, Steven
Foster, Nadine E.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine = Chung I Tsa Chih Ying Wen Pan / Sponsored by All-China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jiang, Ying
Publication Title: 
PloS One

BACKGROUND: In acupuncture brain imaging trials, there are many non-acupuncture factors confounding the neuronal mapping. The modality of the placebo, subjects' psychological attitude to acupuncture and their physical state are the three most confounding factors. OBJECTIVE: To obtain more precise and accurate cerebral fMRI mapping of acupuncture. DESIGN AND SETTING: A 2×2 randomized, controlled, participant-blinded cross-over factorial acupuncture trial was conducted at Xuanwu Hospital in Beijing, China.

Liu, Hua
Xu, Jianyang
Shan, Baoci
Li, Yongzhong
Li, Lin
Xue, Jingquan
Nie, Binbin


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