Stress, Physiological

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Holistic Nursing Practice

The aim of this article was to present a evidence-based integrative research review that validates yoga therapy as an effective complementary treatment in the management of high blood pressure (BP). The article also uses the theoretical framework of Dr Hans Selye's general adaptation syndrome. Yoga researchers demonstrate that yoga works because it modulates the physiological system of the body, specifically its effect on the heart rate.

Okonta, Nkechi Rose
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Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Stress has become a global public health problem. Yoga offers one possible way of reducing stress. The purpose of this study was to look at studies from 2011 to May 2013 and examine whether yoga can be an efficacious approach for managing stress. A systematic search of Medline, CINAHL, and Alt HealthWatch databases was conducted for quantitative articles involving all schools of yoga. A total of 17 articles met the inclusion criteria. Six of these were from the United States, 3 from India, 2 from the United Kingdom, and 1 each from Australia, Brazil, Germany, Iraq, Sweden, and Taiwan.

Sharma, Manoj
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An increasing number of studies consider the specific processes by which distressing sensations, thoughts, and emotional experiences exert their influence on the daily functioning of those who suffer with chronic pain. Clinical methods of mindfulness and the processes that underlie them appear to have clear implications in this area, but have not been systematically investigated to this point in time. The purpose of the present study was to examine mindfulness in relation to the pain, emotional, physical, and social functioning of individuals with chronic pain.

McCracken, Lance M.
Gauntlett-Gilbert, Jeremy
Vowles, Kevin E.
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BMC complementary and alternative medicine

BACKGROUND: Although hypnosis and hypnotherapy have become more popular in recent years, the evidence for hypnosis to influence perceived stress is unclear. In this systematic review we searched and evaluated randomized clinical studies investigating the effect of hypnosis on perceived stress reduction and coping.

Fisch, S.
Brinkhaus, B.
Teut, M.
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Journal of Holistic Nursing: Official Journal of the American Holistic Nurses' Association

Although close associations between tinnitus and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among war veterans has been documented, there is limited research that explores evidence-based, efficacious interventions to treat the condition in this particular population. This article presents a case of three war veterans with PTSD symptoms who received a series of acupuncture treatments for tinnitus with positive outcomes.

Arhin, Afua O.
Gallop, Kelly
Mann, Judith
Cannon, Sheila
Tran, Kimberly
Wang, Mei-Chuan
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Alternative Medicine Review: A Journal of Clinical Therapeutic

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this paper is to review the literature regarding Withania somnifera (ashwagandha, WS) a commonly used herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Specifically, the literature was reviewed for articles pertaining to chemical properties, therapeutic benefits, and toxicity.

Mishra, L. C.
Singh, B. B.
Dagenais, S.
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Yakugaku Zasshi: Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

Stress is one of the basic factors in the etiology of number of diseases. Cold-stress occurs when the surrounding temperature drops below 18 degrees C, the body may not be able to warm itself, and hence serious cold-related illnesses, permanent tissue damage and death may results.

Dhanalakshmi, Selvakumar
Devi, Rathinasamy Sheela
Srikumar, Ramasundaram
Manikandan, Sundaramahalingam
Thangaraj, Ramasundaram
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Physiologia Plantarum

Waterlogging is associated with poor soil drainage. As a consequence oxygen levels decrease in the root environment inducing root asphyxia and affecting plant growth. Some plants can survive under these conditions triggering complex anatomical and biochemical adaptations, mostly in the roots.

Amador, María L.
Sancho, Sara
Bielsa, Beatriz
Gomez-Aparisi, Joaquín
Rubio-Cabetas, María J.
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Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation

Abortion, primarily as a measure of population control, certainly continues to be an emotional, frustrating and stressful event. In continuation of our work on stressful situations in the female life span and biochemical parameters, serum lipid peroxide levels in terms of malondialdehyde (nmol/ml) have been determined in females undergoing abortion [suction curettage (n = 30), Emcredil-induced abortion (n = 30) and spontaneous abortion (n = 40)] and were compared with appropriate gestational controls.

Sane, A. S.
Chokshi, S. A.
Mishra, V. V.
Barad, D. P.
Shah, V. C.
Nagpal, S.
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Aging Cell

Molecular advances of the past decade have led to the discovery of a myriad of 'aging genes' (methuselah, Indy, InR, Chico, superoxide dismutase) that extend Drosophila lifespan by up to 85%. Despite this life extension, these mutants are no longer lived than at least some recently wild-caught strains. Typically, long-lived mutants are identified in relatively short-lived genetic backgrounds, and their effects are rarely tested in genetic backgrounds other than the one in which they were isolated or derived.

Spencer, Christine C.
Howell, Christine E.
Wright, Amber R.
Promislow, Daniel E. L.


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