The flame has been lit…

Votive candlesWe always knew it would be a challenge launching an academic library of research on some of the most cutting edge and misunderstood topics in the world, and on top of everything, for free!   We were not disappointed, but ISHAR has persevered.  In the process we’ve been asked numerous questions:




  • How can you build something so massive if you’re not charging anything?
  • How can you find access to enough legitimate scientific research, on hundreds of topics, to fill a library?
  • Why is your selection process so stringent?
  • Why isn’t your selection process more stringent?
  • And most commonly, where is this library we’ve heard so much about?


We’ve addressed most of the questions throughout this site, and are excited to address the last today.  In the next week or two ISHAR will begin to post the first volumes of sources on select topics.  Once this fire is lit, we’ll be building it with more and more information, growing our library rapidly, improving the service & access as we see what works and unveiling additional innovative features.

The work has begun, and within two weeks there will be mountains of exciting research to pore through and a growing compendium of definitions, research summaries and knowledge-discovery features.  It’s impossible to describe how excited we are to finally be at this point, and hope you share our enthusiasm.  Thank you all for your patience in this endeavor, and here’s to providing a contextualized set of facts on Integrative Studies for the first time in history!