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Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore

INTRODUCTION: Pain is a common symptom in cancer patients, but very little information about the prevalence, severity, and treatment of pain in cancer patients in Singapore is available. Therefore, our prospective survey in the National Cancer Centre (NCC) outpatients is incorporated in this report. In addition, a review concerning the recent advances on non-interventional pain management in cancer treatment, which is relevant in the context, is discussed.

Saw, Constance L. L.
Chew, Lita
Goh, Cynthia
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The Journal of Pain: Official Journal of the American Pain Society

This dual-site study sought to identify the appropriate role for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM; acupuncture and herbs) in conjunction with a validated psychosocial self-care (SC) intervention for treating chronic temporomandibular disorders (TMD)-associated pain. Participants with Research Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders-confirmed TMD (n = 168) entered a stepped-care protocol that began with a basic TMD class.

Ritenbaugh, Cheryl
Hammerschlag, Richard
Dworkin, Samuel F.
Aickin, Mikel G.
Mist, Scott D.
Elder, Charles R.
Harris, Richard E.
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Annals of oncology: official journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology / ESMO

BACKGROUND: Radiation treatment of head and neck cancer can cause chronic xerostomia which impairs patients' quality of life. The study reported here examined the efficacy of acupuncture in alleviating xerostomia symptoms especially dry mouth. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A total of 145 patients with chronic radiation-induced xerostomia >18 months after treatments were recruited from seven UK cancer centres. The study employed a randomised crossover design with participants receiving two group sessions of oral care education and eight of acupuncture using standardised methods.

Simcock, R.
Fallowfield, L.
Monson, K.
Solis-Trapala, I.
Parlour, L.
Langridge, C.
Jenkins, V.
ARIX Steering Committee
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Journal of Clinical Oncology: Official Journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology

PURPOSE: We aimed to assess the effectiveness of acupuncture for cancer-related fatigue (CRF) in patients with breast cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We conducted a pragmatic, randomized controlled trial comparing acupuncture with enhanced usual care. Three hundred two outpatients with breast cancer participated. We randomly assigned 75 patients to usual care and 227 patients to acupuncture plus usual care (random assignment of 1:3 respectively) with minimization controlling for baseline general fatigue and maintenance treatment.

Molassiotis, Alexander
Bardy, Joy
Finnegan-John, Jennifer
Mackereth, Peter
Ryder, David W.
Filshie, Jacqueline
Ream, Emma
Richardson, Alison
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BMC complementary and alternative medicine

BACKGROUND: Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability in China. Current treatments for stroke are limited and achieve no optimal effect. Acupuncture is widely used in the treatment of stroke and in improving the quality of life for patients in China. In most previous clinical studies, the effects of acupuncture have been diverse, and few well-designed randomized controlled trials have been conducted to investigate the long-term effect of acupuncture on acute stroke recovery. METHOD: Three hundred and twenty eight subjects with acute cerebral apoplexy will be recruited.

Liu, Huilin
Zhang, Dangsheng
Tan, Xiuge
Yang, Daqing
Wang, Guiling
Zhao, Yin
Wen, Yali
Shi, Guangxia
Wang, Linpeng
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Clinical Interventions in Aging

BACKGROUND: Incomplete bladder emptying (IBE) is defined as having a postvoid residual (PVR) urine volume greater than 100 mL for 2 consecutive days. IBE is common in stroke patients and could necessitate indwelling or intermittent catheterization. The condition is correlated with urinary tract infections, which could impede rehabilitation progress and increase medical costs. Treatment for patients with IBE includes bladder retraining, biofeedback, medication, and botulinum toxin injection, but none of these interventions are completely effective.

Yu, Kuo-Wei
Lin, Chien-Lin
Hung, Chun-Chuang
Chou, Eric Chieh-Lung
Hsieh, Yueh-Ling
Li, Te-Mao
Chou, Li-Wei
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BMC complementary and alternative medicine

BACKGROUND: Shivering during regional anesthesia is a common complication and is related to a decrease in the patient's core body temperature. Previous studies have shown that acupuncture on specific acupoints can preserve core body temperature. The present study evaluated the effect of electroacupuncture in preventing the shivering caused by regional anesthesia. METHODS: This prospective and randomized controlled study analyzed the data from 80 patients undergoing urological surgery, who were classified as ASA I or II.

Yeh, Bo-Yan
Hsu, Yi-Chun
Huang, Jyun-Yan
Shih, I.-Ting
Zhuo, Wei-Jia
Tsai, Yung-Fong
Chang, Chee-Jen
Yu, Huang-Ping
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BMC complementary and alternative medicine

BACKGROUND: Depressive disorders are the most common form of mental disorders in community and health care settings. Unfortunately, the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is far from satisfactory. Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) is a relatively new and promising physical treatment for depressive disorders. One particularly appealing element of VNS is the long-term benefit in mood regulation.

Rong, Pei-Jing
Fang, Ji-Liang
Wang, Li-Ping
Meng, Hong
Liu, Jun
Ma, Ying-Ge
Ben, Hui
Li, Liang
Liu, Ru-Peng
Huang, Zhan-Xia
Zhao, Yu-Feng
Li, Xia
Zhu, Bing
Kong, Jian
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Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine: JABFM

BACKGROUND: Quitting smoking remains a challenge for almost one-third of the military veteran population. Alternatives to pharmacological therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure, and electrical stimulation have received minimal attention in research but have been widely reported to be popular and safe interventions for smoking cessation.

Fritz, Deborah J.
Carney, Robert M.
Steinmeyer, Brian
Ditson, Gary
Hill, Nina
Zee-Cheng, Joyce
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Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine = Chung I Tsa Chih Ying Wen Pan / Sponsored by All-China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the therapeutic effects of acupuncture and massage for shoulder-hand syndrome in hemiplegia patients. METHODS: One hundred and twenty hemiplegia patients with stage I shoulder-hand syndrome were randomly divided into a group treated with standardized electric acupuncture and massage, and a group treated with rehabilitation therapy for 6 weeks. The primary indices evaluated were pain on passive movement of the shoulder using the numeric pain rating scale (NPRS), and the number of patients with shoulder-hand syndrome at Steinbrocker stage II or III after treatment.

Li, Ning
Tian, Fengwei
Wang, Chengwei
Yu, Pengming
Zhou, Xi
Wen, Qian
Qiao, Xiulan
Huang, Lu


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