Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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Consciousness and Cognition

The continual background awareness of duration is an essential structure of consciousness, conferring temporal extension to the many objects of awareness within the evanescent sensory present. Seeking the possible neural correlates of ubiquitous temporal awareness, this article reexamines fMRI data from off-task "default mode" (DM) periods in 25 healthy subjects studied by Grady et al. ("Age-related Changes in Brain Activity across the Adult Lifespan,"Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 18(2), 2005).

Lloyd, Dan
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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

OBJECTIVE: To quantify the role patellofemoral and tibiofemoral kinematics may play in development of anterior knee pain (AKP) in individuals with cerebral palsy (CP). DESIGN: Case-control. SETTING: Clinical research center. PARTICIPANTS: Knees from individuals with diagnosed CP (n=20) and control knees (n=40) were evaluated. Controls were matched for sex and age based on the group average. Matching by height and weight was a secondary priority. Subjects in the control cohort were asymptomatic with no history of lower leg abnormalities, surgery, or major injury.

Sheehan, Frances T.
Babushkina, Anna
Alter, Katharine E.
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Medicine and Health, Rhode Island
Chang, Kevin J.
Woodfield, Courtney A.
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Aging Cell

Atrophy is one of the major age-related changes in the brain. The absence of brain atrophy in elderly individuals reflects deceleration in the process of biological aging. Moreover, results from human twin studies suggest a large genetic influence on the variance of human brain tissue volumes. To investigate the association of brain volumes with exceptional longevity, we tested whether middle-aged to elderly offspring of nonagenarian siblings have larger brain volumes than their spouses using magnetic resonance imaging.

Altmann-Schneider, Irmhild
de Craen, Anton J. M.
Slagboom, Pieternella E.
Westendorp, Rudi G. J.
van Buchem, Mark A.
Maier, Andrea B.
van der Grond, Jeroen
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Neuroimaging studies have become increasingly multimodal in recent years, with researchers typically acquiring several different types of MRI data and processing them along separate pipelines that provide a set of complementary windows into each subject's brain. However, few attempts have been made to integrate the various modalities in the same analysis. Linked ICA is a robust data fusion model that takes multi-modal data and characterizes inter-subject variability in terms of a set of multi-modal components.

Groves, Adrian R.
Smith, Stephen M.
Fjell, Anders M.
Tamnes, Christian K.
Walhovd, Kristine B.
Douaud, GwenaÎlle
Woolrich, Mark W.
Westlye, Lars T.
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Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

In a long-term longitudinal study of aging in rhesus monkeys, a primary objective has been to determine the effects of aging and caloric restriction (CR) on behavioral and neural parameters. Through the use of automated devices, locomotor activity can be monitored in the home cages of the monkeys. Studies completed thus far indicate a clear age-related decline in activity consistent with such observations in many other species, including humans. However, no consistent effects of CR on activity have been observed.

Ingram, D. K.
Chefer, S.
Matochik, J.
Moscrip, T. D.
Weed, J.
Roth, G. S.
London, E. D.
Lane, M. A.
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Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Tibetan medicine integrates diet, lifestyle, herbs, and accessory therapies to increase health and longevity. A comparison of the three humor theory of Tibetan medicine and the three thermodynamic phase properties of myelin lipids exemplifies how integrating medical systems can increase understanding of complex chronic disabling conditions.

Husted, Cynthia
Dhondup, Lobsang
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International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry

OBJECTIVE: Catechol-O-Methyltransferase (COMT) and Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) had been reported to relate to depression but with inconsistent results. The basal ganglia are also important in the pathophysiology of affective disorder via connections with limbic system and prefrontal cortex. The authors examined the relationship between an interaction of COMT/MTHFR polymorphisms and volumes of putamen in depressed and nondepressed elders. METHODS: Participants included 170 depressed and 83 nondepressed subjects aged 60 years or older.

Pan, Chih-Chuan
McQuoid, Douglas R.
Taylor, Warren D.
Payne, Martha E.
Ashley-Koch, Allison
Steffens, David C.
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Movement Disorders: Official Journal of the Movement Disorder Society

Wilson's disease (WD) is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by the functional disruption of the copper-transporting protein adenosine triphosphatase 7B (ATP-ase 7B). The disease is caused by mutations in ATP7B gene. It seems that the type of mutation in ATP7B only to some degree determines phenotypic manifestation of WD. We examined two pairs of monozygotic twins discordant for WD phenotype. The first set of twins were ATP7B compound heterozygotes c.3207C>A (p.H1069Q)/c.1211_1212insA (p.N404Kfs).

Cz?onkowska, Anna
Gromadzka, Grazyna
Chabik, Grzegorz
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Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, and Allied Disciplines

Biological development is driven by a complex dance between nurture and nature, determined not only by the specific features of the interacting genetic and environmental influences but also by the timing of their rendezvous. The initiation of large-scale longitudinal studies, ever-expanding knowledge of genetics, and increasing availability of neuroimaging data to provide endophenotypic bridges between molecules and behavior are beginning to provide some insight into interactions of developmental stage, genes, and the environment, although daunting challenges remain.

Lenroot, Rhoshel K.
Giedd, Jay N.


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