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Journal of Advanced Nursing

AIMS: This article presents a meta-ethnographic synthesis of studies on women's experiences of sustaining a third or fourth degree tear during childbirth. BACKGROUND: It has been reported that for women who sustain third or fourth degree perineal tears (severe perineal trauma) some may experience extensive physical and psychological outcomes. DESIGN: A meta-ethnographic synthesis. DATA SOURCES: The CINAHL, PubMed, Scopus, MD Consult, and SocIndex with Full Text databases were searched for the period January 1996-June 2011. Out of 478 papers retrieved four met the review aim.

Priddis, Holly
Dahlen, Hannah
Schmied, Virginia
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Journal of Transcultural Nursing: Official Journal of the Transcultural Nursing Society

The purpose of this study was to explore the perceptions of rural Filipinos concerning the various factors influencing birth spacing. The Household Production of Health nested in the Ecological Model was used to provide the conceptual framework for this study. Analysis of ethnographic data produced one domain of meaning, Factors Influencing Birth Spacing, and six categories: (a) gender relations, (b) religion and the Catholic Church, (c) contraceptive technology, (d) media, (e) family and friends, and (f) family planning education.

de Vera, Noemi Z.
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Culture, Health & Sexuality

This study explored the focus on youth in Catholic and Evangelical Pentecostal discussions about and responses to HIV and AIDS in Brazil. Key informant, oral history and in-depth interviews revealed a disconnect between young people's views of themselves as leaders in their religious institutions' responses to HIV and other social problems, and adult religious leaders' views of young people as vulnerable and in need of being 'saved'.

Munoz-Laboy, Miguel
Murray, Laura R.
Wittlin, Natalie
Wilson, Patrick A.
Terto, Veriano
Parker, Richard
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Global Public Health

In Burkina Faso, abortion is legally restricted and socially stigmatised, but also frequent. Unsafe abortions represent a significant public health challenge, contributing to the country's very high maternal mortality ratio. Inspired by an internationally disseminated public health framing of unsafe abortion, the country's main policy response has been to provide post-abortion care (PAC) to avert deaths from abortion complications.

Storeng, Katerini T.
Ouattara, Fatoumata
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Proceedings. AMIA Symposium

Information technology is being used to collect data directly from patients and to provide educational information to them. Concern over patient reactions to this use of information technology is especially important in light of the debate over whether computers dehumanize patients. This study reports reactions that patient users expressed in ethnographic interviews about using a computer-based telecommunications system.

Kaplan, B.
Farzanfar, R.
Friedman, R. H.
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Nursing Science Quarterly

This column seeks to contribute to the understanding of the concept of sacrifice and its significance to nursing through an extensive account of relevant literature from the disciplines of theology, sociology, anthropology, and psychology. The review uncovered that in sacrificing something of value, individuals anticipate connecting with families, groups, society, and deities.

Florczak, Kristine L.
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Western Journal of Nursing Research

This article addresses the dilemmas of elderly Chinese women as spousal caregivers in Hong Kong in the 1990s. An in-depth ethnographic approach was used to draw on a convenience sample of 20 elderly wives who were caregivers from Hong Kong. At the conceptual level, the discussion highlights how caregiving is rooted in complex, culturally-based models of contemporary practices, sociohistoric patterns, and gender-specific obligations.

Holroyd, Eleanor
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Issues in Mental Health Nursing

Non-disclosure of emotions has been shown to inhibit individuals' adjustment to illness and formulation of adequate coping mechanisms. The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine responses to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and patterns of coping through an analysis of written reflective journals. Eight women submitted their journals to the researchers for analysis. Issues identified were (1) the assumption of an adaptive position; (2) the need for tangible evidence of love and support with three divergent responses, and (3) the need for something more.

Gonzalez, Lois O.
Lengacher, Cecile A.
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Medical Anthropology Quarterly

Sexual violence within as well as outside sexual relationships has far-reaching public health and human rights implications and is a continuing focus of popular debate, media coverage, and research in postapartheid South Africa. Partly because it has been shown to affect individual vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, sexual violence has in recent years become framed as a global public health issue.

Wood, Kate
Lambert, Helen
Jewkes, Rachel
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Journal of Pediatric Nursing

Many sexually active teenagers face risk for contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. The purpose of our study was to gain an understanding about influences on condom use among sexually active adolescents in relationships. Data were collected through semi-structured openended interviews. The findings of this study suggest that many adolescents desired the love of a male partner, and were willing to concede to his request of practicing unprotected sex.

Bralock, Anita
Koniak-Griffin, Deborah


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