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BMJ clinical evidence

INTRODUCTION: Dysmenorrhoea may begin soon after the menarche, after which it often improves with age, or it may originate later in life after the onset of an underlying causative condition. Dysmenorrhoea is common, and in up to 20% of women it may be severe enough to interfere with daily activities. METHODS AND OUTCOMES: We conducted a systematic review and aimed to answer the following clinical question: What are the effects of treatments for primary dysmenorrhoea?

Latthe, Pallavi Manish
Champaneria, Rita
Khan, Khalid Saeed
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Clinical Microbiology and Infection: The Official Publication of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

The European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases established the Sore Throat Guideline Group to write an updated guideline to diagnose and treat patients with acute sore throat. In diagnosis, Centor clinical scoring system or rapid antigen test can be helpful in targeting antibiotic use. The Centor scoring system can help to identify those patients who have higher likelihood of group A streptococcal infection. In patients with high likelihood of streptococcal infections (e.g. 3-4 Centor criteria) physicians can consider the use of rapid antigen test (RAT).

ESCMID Sore Throat Guideline Group
Pelucchi, C.
Grigoryan, L.
Galeone, C.
Esposito, S.
Huovinen, P.
Little, P.
Verheij, T.
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Journal of Pain & Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy

The Cochrane Library of Systematic Reviews is published quarterly. Issue 3 2007 contains 3197 complete reviews, 1744 protocols for reviews in production and 6312 one-page summaries of systematic reviews published in the general medical literature. In addition there are citations of 503,000 randomized controlled trials, and 9628 cited papers in the Cochrane methodology register. The health technology assessment database contains 6817 citations. This edition of the Library contains 103 new reviews of which 11 have potential relevance for practitioners in pain and palliative medicine.

Wiffen, Philip J.
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Toxicology International

Experimental study was conducted to evaluate the hepato- and renoprotective effect of silymarin and Terminalia chebula against experimentally-induced acetaminophen (APAP) toxicity in rats. Oral administration of APAP @ 500 mg/kg for 1 to 3 days to all the four groups (six rats in each) resulted in significant elevation of serum triglycerides, total cholesterol, blood urea nitrogen, serum creatinine, and aspartate transaminase activity. Post-treatment with silymarin @ 25 mg/kg and T.

Gopi, K. S.
Reddy, A. Gopala
Jyothi, K.
Kumar, B. Anil
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The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

The effects of hypnosis in connection with surgery have been described in many clinical publications, but few controlled studies have been published. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effects of preoperative hypnotic techniques used by patients planned for surgical removal of third mandibular molars. The patients were randomly assigned to an experimental (hypnotic techniques) or a control (no hypnotic techniques) group. During the week before the surgery, the experimental group listened to an audiotape containing a hypnotic relaxation induction.

Enqvist, B.
Fischer, K.
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Acta Chirurgica Belgica

Between April 1994 and June 1997, 197 thyroidectomies and 21 cervical explorations for hyperparathyroidism were performed under hypnosedation (HYP) and compared to the operative data and postoperative courses of a closely-matched population (n = 121) of patients operated on under general anaesthesia (GA). Conversion from hypnosis to GA was needed in two cases (1%). All surgeons reported better operating conditions for cervicotomy using HYP.

Meurisse, M.
Defechereux, T.
Hamoir, E.
Maweja, S.
Marchettini, P.
Gollogly, L.
Degauque, C.
Joris, J.
Faymonville, M. E.
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The Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Hypnosis can be a useful therapeutic adjunct to pharmacological analgesia or anaesthesia in obstetrics. However, it is rarely considered a primary anaesthetic technique and is seldom employed in the acute surgical setting. Few obstetricians and anaesthetists currently utilise this technique in their clinical practice.

Wong, Lufee
Cyna, Allan M.
Matthews, Geoffrey
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BMC public health

BACKGROUND: Medicines are kept in households Worldwide for first aid, treatment of chronic or acute disease conditions. This promotes inappropriate use of medicines and hence the associated risks. The study explored the factors which predict availability and utilization of medicines in households of Northern Uganda. METHOD: A cross sectional survey of 892 households was performed from November-to-December 2012. Five data collectors administered the questionnaires, respondents were requested to bring out any medicines present in their households.

Ocan, Moses
Bbosa, Godfrey S.
Waako, Paul
Ogwal-Okeng, Jasper
Obua, Celestino
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International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of aromatherapy with Lavandula angustifolia essential oil on post-tonsillectomy pain in pediatric patients. METHODS: This was a randomized controlled prospective clinical trial. In this study, 48 post-tonsillectomy patients aged 6-12 years were randomly assigned to two groups (24 patients in each group). After tonsillectomy surgery, all patients received acetaminophen (10-15 mg/kg/dose, PO) every 6h as necessary to relieve pain. The patients of the case group also inhaled lavender essential oil.

Soltani, Rasool
Soheilipour, Saeed
Hajhashemi, Valiollah
Asghari, Gholamreza
Bagheri, Mahdi
Molavi, Mahdi
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Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

A study of the cost of malaria at the household level, community perceptions, preventive measures and illness behaviour linked to the disease was undertaken in 5 villages in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. The surveyed community had a high knowledge of malaria, although side effects of antimalarial drugs were often confused with symptoms of the disease. The community sought prompt diagnosis and treatment at 'western-type' facilities, with 84% making use of government facilities as their first choice and 16% preferring private facilities.

Konradsen, F.
van der Hoek, W.
Amerasinghe, P. H.
Amerasinghe, F. P.
Fonseka, K. T.


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